We are partners with top brands and ambitious web agencies
to prototype the future, today.

Our method shapes opportunity
into an ownable advantage.

Bitstone.Net have spent the last 18 years exploring the relationship between brands, people and technology – pioneering new ways for people and organisations to engage.

We’ve honed our approach over the years by working with the world’s most innovative technology brands and startups. We’ve learned our methods from the best of the best, made them our own, and never stopped improving.

We’re a truly multi-disciplinary team of designers, engineers, artists, entrepreneurs and strategists, united under a single purpose; to navigate the path to a new generation of products and services that have an ownable advantage.

We’ve developed a 6 week, hands-on problem solving program

Our consulting experience

We’re proud to have worked with some of the most prestigious cultural institutions in the world, experimenting at the intersection between digital and physical.

And we don’t mind name-dropping the paradigm-shifting work we’ve done launching products and services that have become part of our everyday lives.

Our venturing experience

We’ve taken dozens of founders from zero to one, like reimagining the reading experience or creating the world’s simplest boot sale.

Sometimes we just work on ideas that we want to put out into the world, like our VR platform or contemplating the future of learning with our own reselling platform.


Built to drive desire and demand across multiple channels, Bitstone.Net’s advertising campaigns combine creative sensibility, nuance, taste and commercial acumen across a wide spectrum of clients.

Whether print, television, digital or truly integrated, all campaigns draw upon Bitstone.Net’s connection to the industry’s leading talent – photographers, illustrators, models, stylists, writers and videographers – and are attuned to the visual and written client brand values and aesthetics. All Bitstone.Net campaigns are informed by deep brand strategy and insight, and produced by our teams to ensure the resulting images and messages have cut-through and impact in a crowded and competitive client market.


Through detailed creative and strategic leadership, Bitstone.Net helps clients realize their brand identity and marketing roadmap.

An innate understanding of the subtlety of contemporary brand design, married with expertise in market environments, cultural trends and the wider industry, ensures client branding and strategy projects are consistently distinct and commercially relevant.


Completely in sync with the realities of commercial success within the fashion, luxury and lifestyle market, Bitstone.Net’s platform-agnostic e-commerce solutions combine unique visual design; robust user experience; informative and inspirational content; and beautiful art direction. Our evolving approach delivers a memorable and engaging digital iteration of the brand world by weaving content and commerce with best practices to drive conversion and brand engagement.

Business Evolution

Using its industry knowledge and expertise, Bitstone.Net regularly partners with clients on often ambitious, wide-ranging and sector-defining business evolution projects.

These projects range extensively, from analyzing and interpreting market opportunities; reorganizing internal client team structures to meet a new business direction; identifying and shepherding clients into new territories and ventures; or advising on deeper engagement strategies and tactics.

Regardless of the specific intent of the client brief, Bitstone.Net identifies the opportunity from a commercial level and then provides thought-leadership to guide the client toward realizing its strategic ambitions.

Content Strategy

Bitstone.Net helps clients articulate the potential of their story through Content Strategy. Bitstone.Net’s content strategies consider all available communication touchpoints – from mobile, to website, CRM, social, in-store and beyond – to create an inspiring yet pragmatic framework for powerful storytelling that drives brand engagement and conversion.

Bitstone.Net also helps clients establish internal editorial teams and processes, ensuring the content strategy can be consistently executed to the required standard well after it has been implemented within the business.

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