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Financial companies involved in the securitization of assets need specific and reliable data at their fingertips. The due diligence required for asset securitization is often performed multiple times, by different parties throughout the process. A secure and immutable blockchain repository for this data reduces the need for multiple iterations. The process of asset securitization involves […]


Payments processors are attractive targets for fraudsters due to the high volume of transactions and the aggregate monetary value handled by them. Fraud is perpetrated in new ways each year, and many of them can be detected and stopped by utilizing a blockchain-based immutable audit way. Lirax Project integrates blockchain with leading-edge companies, on top […]


The case studies for using a blockchain-enabled IT base at local governments are virtually unlimited. The practice of secure and tamper-proof auditing only available via blockchain adds value to any transaction which involves personal or corporate data. Much of the data used by municipal operations belongs to residents within the government’s jurisdiction, which makes it […]


LIRAX Blockchain technology provides proof & certainty to the integrity of email transactions. Organizations and their stakeholders are increasingly susceptible to cyber criminals and fraud via email transactions. LIRAX Project acts as a “digital witness” of digital communication content and activity. We accomplish this in several ways: Create a permanent, tamper proof archive of your […]


The growth in the absolute amount of data can be attributed to several transformative technologies. The developed or post-industrial economies have largely changed to service or information economies created by connectivity. This new “smallness” necessitates even more connectivity to keep everything functioning. The web afforded us the ability to connect, communicate, work, research, surf and […]

What is Fintech?

Financial industry is being evolved for many years, as we have seen some advances in the past such as ATMs in the 60s, debit cards in 70s, and online banking in 90s, but still financial industry was lacking the big innovations and transformations, and it was facing the issues like security, slow and complex processes, […]

10 Great Advantages Of Using E-voting Systems

  With an E-voting device, voters will be able to record secrete a ballot via electronics. In the United States, some forms of electronic voting have been in use during the late season of 2004. This includes optical scanners and direct electronic recording machines for presidential elections.  Smart cards, diskettes and tape cartridges are useful […]

Zero-Day Attack Affects Windows Through Dangerous Word Document

  There is an immediate attention needed for the fresh unveiled weaknesses in code from Adobe and Microsoft. Around sixty-seven fixes will be conducted for special errors in the Microsoft software according to its May 2018 security report.  Twenty-one out of the fixes are focused on critical issues, which imply that attackers can remotely exploit […]

Can Blockchain Increase Government Chances For Accountability?

Can Blockchain Increase Government Chances For Accountability? In the accounting sector, people have been saying blockchain will cause some problems. In the automation of accounting, disruption has been occurring for a long time. Accounting services have also had problems with the type of software they use.  These applications have not provided accounting companies better advice […]

4 Industries Benefiting From The Blockchain Technology

4 Industries Benefiting From The Blockchain Technology: A plethora of industries will enjoy the bitcoin technology as blockchain evolves. There can be an impact on how businesses operate across a gamut of sectors. This may occur as blockchain revolutionize. Besides, not every company understands how the process works.  For cryptocurrency bitcoin, blockchain remains a supporting […]

Top Data Breach Challenges Facing A Service Provider

  Data breaches and network intrusion are a developing problem affecting service providers across many industries. In fact, it is clear that this problem remains far more difficult to handle at the moment. How can service providers protect their partners and suppliers against cyber attacks? What should companies do to secure the use of information […]


Ever since the inventors of bitcoin cryptocurrency have introduced the concept of the blockchain, it has gained much popularity and interest in several areas like digital currencies, financial services, businesses, intellectual property, privacy, digital identity and authentication, information technology and IoT etc. Here we will discuss the types of the blockchain, their benefits, and drawbacks, […]


There are normal currencies like the dollar, euro, pound which have physical paper form and are used for purchasing or selling things. All these currencies are issued and controlled by their countries or regulatory bodies of that countries, means all these are centralized currencies. But now the new concept has emerged and is becoming popular […]


Blockchain is the new emerging technology, and it has become a very popular trend in recent years. One of the reasons it became immensely popular is the concept of the cryptocurrency, for eaxmple bitcoin. This guide will explain the core concepts of the Blockchain. What is Blockchain? How it is used? Which problems have been […]


Blockchain technology provides the number of security benefits in the financial tasks, communications, digital identity, and cryptocurrency etc. But, because blockchain is still in the development phase and growing rapidly by every passing year, so is the chances of vulnerabilities are increasing. This article will guide you through several important security concepts, security benefits provided […]


There is a huge amount of buzz is going nowadays on cryptocurrency. As, digital currencies, bitcoins, virtual currencies have been immensely popular terms on the internet. This is a guide for dummies or newbies, who are interested and want to know about cryptocurrencies, bitcoins etc. Here we will discuss the foundation of cryptocurrencies, benefits of […]