Thursday October 4th, 2018 Alessandro Civati


Payments processors are attractive targets for fraudsters due to the high volume of transactions and the aggregate monetary value handled by them.

Fraud is perpetrated in new ways each year, and many of them can be detected and stopped by utilizing a blockchain-based immutable audit way.

Lirax Project integrates blockchain with leading-edge companies, on top of their existing infrastructure, creating a permanent and tamper-proof record of any data that is vulnerable to fraud.

Lirax’s technical approach to blockchain technology is unique in many ways, including data storage, time-keeping methods, and proof of work.

By combining powerful tools like AI and blockchain, Lirax Project can shine a light on data that may have been poisoned or modified and exactly when a breach may have occurred.

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Alessandro Civati

I’m a passionate Internet person that started this adventure almost 20 years ago. I created my first web company in Milan (Italy) in 1998, and in all these years I moved from IT security sector to luxury world and prime goods. IT world has always been my passion, and in the last years, I develop new activities based on the blockchain technology (oriented to traceability solutions and government needs). I work a lot, and my motto is “More I work and more I’m lucky”… I believe that a great working team and I can primarily realize my dreams.