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We have rich experience in developing cryptocurrencies, allowing us to provide optimized ICO development solutions as per your business requirements.

Launch a Successful Customized Token with Our ICO Development Services

Bitstone.Net specialize in offering high-end ICO development solutions to benefit businesses who want to leave their mark in the blockchain industry. From conceptualization to ICO advertising, we provide all-inclusive ICO development services. If you are searching for the massive trend in cryptocurrency, a look at Initial Coin Offering might be a good start. Our highly experienced and skilled team can develop custom-made solutions that ensure a protected and successful crowdsale.

We are an advanced Blockchain app development company in India that specializes in providing reliable and fast solutions. With delivery centers based out in India, USA, UK and Canada we endeavor to create customized token development solutions that can address the business issues of our clients spread worldwide.

Our Tried and Trusted Model for ICO Development

Would you like to understand the process of how to setup an Initial Coin Offering? Well, here you go. Our seasoned team of product developers put in the best of their efforts to ensure the successful implementation.

Idea creation and validation

In order to drive value to your business, our solution architects will help you in validating the idea as per the latest market trends. Also, they will validate if the project idea can be executed over Blockchain or not.

Whitepaper creation

As soon as the idea is finalized, we strive to create a fully detailed whitepaper and the landing page which are indeed the faces of your idea. We make sure compilation of whitepaper with the desired authority.

Roadmap and milestones

A roadmap gives an insight into how the pre-ICO, ICO and post-ICO development will occur. The full-fledged ICO development process further broken down into small milestones with timeframes allotted for each milestone.

Wallet and token development

A digital currency wallet with complete security and multi-edition are being carried out with cryptocurrency wallet development services. Our ICO developers build the token based on Ethereum network.

ICO Marketing

In ICO campaigns also, customer acquisition does matter a lot. Brand awareness through digital solution platform is performed through ICO marketing services provided by our ICO development company.

Our Robust and Scalable ICO Development Services

Whitepaper Drafting

Whitepaper is the backbone of each and every ICO. We offer expert and elaborative whitepaper services to formally present your venture to prospective ICO investors. Our team of talented writers ensures that your whitepaper is all inclusive and relatable.

Roadmap Creation

Without an effective roadmap, an ICO has no direction and should not be trusted at all. To kick start the ICO development process, our team creates time-based roadmaps in order to showcase the trajectory of the product and to secure stakeholders.

Token Development

ICOs on the Ethereum network issue ERC20 compatible tokens to its users via smart contracts which restrict the organization holding the ICO from creating more tokens than specified in the initial contract. We have competent developers who can code feature-rich ICO smart contract.

Landing Page Design

An intuitively designed web page is crucial to the ICO success. We give you a choice of several layouts and designs while giving suggestions on essential information which your business landing page must have.

Smart Contract Setup

In order to automate various businesses, we offer reliable and secure smart contact development services. Our proficient team of experts is highly specialized in smart business contracts, customer loyalty and reward systems and blockchain data storage solutions.

PR and Marketing

When your Initial Coin Offering is supported by strong PR and marketing campaigns, you can expect to see some fantastic results for your product. We are a team of multi-disciplined domain experts who strive to deliver positive customer experience throughout the product development cycle.

ICO Customer Services

Our professional yet dedicated ICO customer service answer all your queries about your product in the initial stage of product development. Our highly experienced experts are capable enough to clear all your doubts

Exchange Listing Assistance

Post ICO launch, we offer dedicated cryptocurrency exchange listing service to list your token or cryptocurrency on both exchange and merchant platforms. Our developers build risk-free and authentic cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Why Choose Us For ICO Development Solutions?

We are a reputed and authentic ICO development company possessing deeper understanding of ICO campaigns, ICO markets and ICO launch processes. We help startups, businesses and enterprises on how to create an ICO that help them launch a successful ICO.

Idea Security

Before the product is even released in the market, no business would want its conceptual idea to be stolen. We make sure your idea remain safe with us while in execution and until the time it is launched in the market.

Human Behavior Centric Analysis

We are well versed with what motivate consumers to take desired actions to ensure that your business plan and revenue model can be easily understood by the investors.

Idea Validation and Refinement

We first validate the complete idea and concept built around it and full-proof the implementation so that no gap remains between your business expectations and our working process.

End-to-End ICO Development Support

Business planning, Model

Business planning, Model

We combine our rich experience in business, strategy making, and marketing and combine it with our deep understanding of decentralized business models blockchain to help find the ideal approach for your blockchain project. We offer complete business planning services, financial model services and develop token economic models suitable for your token ecosystem or protocol.

ICO Marketing

ICO Marketing

Marketing to the crypto community in order to attract appropriate investors is integral to the ICO development process and so need a multi-faceted approach. After the complete evaluation of your project, we develop an agile approach that takes your project to our network of professional investors and the existing global crypto community.

Technology Stack

Technology Stack

Our 6+ years architecting and developing blockchain projects allow us to help build your ICO website in a highly secure and scalable way. Through our ICO development services and blockchain software development solutions, we can assist you with the end-to-end development from initial architecture to final release. By bringing smart contract technology to the Bitcoin network, RSK is building a magnificently use case scenario for Bitcoin which can easily push mainstream adoption in future.

Legal, Risk and Compliance

Legal, Risk and Compliance

We don’t just assist on your strategy and ICO marketing, but also ensure that your project has a proper governance structure and complies with latest laws in the countries where the token is developed, marketed and launched. We need strong AML/KYC, ICO Governance and audited smart contract developer as an important pillar of a successful ICO launch. We work with leading law corporations to make sure that your ICO does not get caught in future compliance and legal issues.

Advantages of Blockchain Smart Contract Development for Your Business

Automated Business Processes

Segregating tasks like record keeping and cash flow can be simply managed under one platform. By automating and consolidating tasks, you can improve your business operations and enhance efficiency levels too.

Eliminate the Middleman

Several industries like banking, real estate and insurance need the intermediary or middleman to communicate with their customers so the businesses of these industries can accept smart contract and thereby no need of middleman is required.

Data Security

Automated contracts use advanced level of data encryption and it is the same standard that today’s digital currencies use. With this high-level of security and protection, automated contracts become the most secure and reliable piece of item on the Internet.

Launch ERC20 Standard Token With Our Ethereum Token Development Solutions

Many enterprises hire our blockchain developers when they need someone totally reliable to work on their ERC20 token. Unlike independent cryptocurrencies, an ERC20 token does not have its own dedicated blockchain but totally lives and breathes on Ethereum’s blockchain. It is a token standard which is integrated into your cryptocurrency. All the advanced and powerful features that are part of the Ethereum blockchain automatically become an essential aspect of to-be-launched cryptocurrency

Full after-deployment Support

Full after-deployment Support

Even after successfully deploying and activating your ERC20 token, we offer debugging services so that you can focus on amplifying your business while we take care of all the technicalities associated with the token launch.

Unlimited Token Creation

Unlimited Token Creation

Our programmers write such a source code that will allow you to mine an unlimited range of tokens on the basis of the Ethereum protocol.

Immutability and Trustworthiness

Immutability and Trustworthiness

In today’s world of cryptocurrencies, Ethereum is amongst the most advanced blockchain technologies. So, to break even one block for data breach or hacking would easily take millions of years.

Raise Funds Quickly

Raise Funds Quickly

As compared to various cryptocurrencies and mining coins, the ERC20 standard is completely new and so people are more enthusiastic about investing in it. Also, the fact that ERC allow businesses to raise funds quickly makes it the most secure and reliable token development platform.

Security and Efficiency

Security and Efficiency

The tokens and contracts developed on Ethereum inherit all the time-tested features so that irrespective of having the advanced and security efficiency features, you don’t have to build everything from the scratch.

Experienced token developers

Experienced token developers

Our highly proficient token developers have a remarkable expertise in providing token development solutions using the ERC-20 token technology.

How to launch an Initial Coin Offering on Ethereum Platform?

Let our token developers guide you towards how to launch an Initial Coin Offering on Ethereum platform and help you reach your desired goals.