Saturday September 29th, 2018 Alessandro Civati


LIRAX Blockchain technology provides proof & certainty to the integrity of email transactions. Organizations and their stakeholders are increasingly susceptible to cyber criminals and fraud via email transactions.

LIRAX Project acts as a “digital witness” of digital communication content and activity.

We accomplish this in several ways:

  • Create a permanent, tamper proof archive of your digital communications
  • Time stamp of all digital communication activity
  • Mathematical proof of existence
  • 3rd-Party assurance of the integrity of your digital communication data
  • Real-time audit trail & reporting for regulatory and other proof requirements, contract management, email retrieval, etc.
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Alessandro Civati

I’m a passionate Internet person that started this adventure almost 20 years ago. I created my first web company in Milan (Italy) in 1998, and in all these years I moved from IT security sector to luxury world and prime goods. IT world has always been my passion, and in the last years, I develop new activities based on the blockchain technology (oriented to traceability solutions and government needs). I work a lot, and my motto is “More I work and more I’m lucky”… I believe that a great working team and I can primarily realize my dreams.