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Bitstone.Net is a registered trademark of the Sanngetall Group. Bitstone.Net provides IT solutions based on blockchain technology and web programming. We specialize in IT solutions for public and private organizations. Today our team consists of 53 people – programmers, designers, engineers, consultants, project managers, photographers and lawyers. We operate with a proprietary data structure, distributed between Europe and the United States, our offices are in Switzerland, Italy, Estonia, India, Ukraine and Senegal. Our goal is to offer new solutions supported by our experience, with a look to the future.



Solutions with custom-made Blockchain technology. A whole world of new opportunities with data security and transparency at the center.

Multi Device

Multi Device

Our solutions are accessible from every device, and we implement different security criteria to solve different needs.



A Cookies Solution oriented to adeguated your website on the GDPR, the new EU privacy regulation, for this specific aspect.

Global assistance

Global assistance

Our company operates today in 4 different countries, and we are developing the best solutions to respond to your requests.

Blockchain Solutions

The Blockchain department of Bitstone specializes in high value-added solutions. We create ad hoc software programs with this new technology, using the extensive experience gained in the development of security applications, cryptography, and blockchain.

Our work begins with the planning, the construction of the architecture, the choice of the best technologies, the definition of the product specifications for the planning of R & D projects. We offer complete solutions in UI & UX, integrations with existing applications, development and support of new products.

Health care Industry

APPLICATION: Digital identity
BENEFITS: Increased security, increased efficiency, improved institutional interoperability. Records management, currently some companies are developing multisig records, template based patient diagnosis logs that can work flawlessly with existing protocols like HL 7 or SNOMED CT.



APPLICATION: Blockchain powered wallets
BENEFITS: Decentralized exchanges, Reducing service desk costs as blockchain provisions more transparency, immutability and multi sig contracts for businesses to release and escrow funds.


Supply Chain

APPLICATION: Transactions on immutable ledger
BENEFITS: Negates double spending, reducing carbon footprint by optimizing LTL markets, reducing insane commissions from freight brokers, efficient asset tracking.


Real Estate

APPLICATION: Assets and property management
BENEFITS: digitizing of assets, reducing human error in records, creating a competitive home loan and insurance marketplace that can easily and more accurately alleviate risk mitigation measures.


APPLICATION: IoT integrated risk management
BENEFITS: Data driven decision making and machine learning models that help quantify risk and can easily scale to incentivize policy holders. Paper free on boarding process and if interoperable with identity management frameworks.


APPLICATION: A decentralized energy data exchange platform
BENEFITS: Hosting a range of applications to facilitate energy data analysis and benchmarking, smart grid management, trade of green certificates, investment decisions and energy trade validation.



APPLICATION: Customized smart contracts with subcontractors
BENEFITS: Superior Erp and hr management platforms, decentralized biometric identity and streamlined project management applications that significantly reduce employee turnover.



APPLICATION: Farm to table transparency through supply chain
BENEFITS: Can help create nutrition labels and product origin log. Ability to create smaller co op operations that can directly work with retailers and consumers. Can also help create subsidized agricultural operations and small business loans that are administered over a blockchain with a triple bottom line conscience for the lenders. Can also provide certifications of purity/organic/non organic/GMO practices etc.



APPLICATION: A trustless voting system through DAO and smart contracts
BENEFITS: The international dialogue of bringing transparency in electoral process and campaign fund management. SEC compliance contracts that can help political campaigns stay compliant. Whether it’s a board in a company voting on a decision or an entire network coming to autonomous decision about a path forward. Self governance, and democratic elections can theoretically happen on high level identity management framework.


A draft of the Blockchain world

Enterprise Blockchain Advisory Services

Through our advisory network, Bitstone.Net helps companies optimize their ICO campaigns. This includes designing the pre-sale investment strategy, ensuring adequate liquidity when listed and maximizing investor exposure during the public launch. We will guide you through the crowd-raise by auditing your documents and providing you direct access to our vast investor network. Your crowd-raise will also have direct access to global technical team, where we provide technical guidance on your token.

Bitstone.Net is committed to making enterprise blockchain integration as simple as possible. Blockchain technology is making inroads into nearly every business application. While much of the hype comes from start ups, the growing technology is also suitable for enterprise blockchain applications. While the blockchain benefits for enterprise companies may seem vast, Bitstone.Net serves your company by conducting a blockchain evaluation to determine the best enterprise blockchain solution for your company.

Bitstone.Net helps you move toward enterprise blockchain adoption

The process of enterprise blockchain adoption can be complex. At Bitstone.Net we specialize in helping companies achieve enterprise blockchain adoption with the simplest possible trajectory. We can model and help to craft an enterprise blockchain platform as well as help your company produce an enterprise blockchain software system that will both serve your various needs and create a viable blockchain solution for your company.

Bitstone.Net can help you get the most enterprise blockchain benefits

Whether you’re seeking to use blockchain for enterprise architecture or pursuing solutions for blockchain enterprise software companies, Bitstone.Net can help. We can provide direction and guidance, as well as help your staff and customers see the numerous blockchain enterprise benefits. As the scope of blockchain technology expands, enterprise blockchain solutions will continue to gain traction, and Bitstone.Net is prepared to help your company integrate the various enterprise blockchain applications smoothly and without business disruption.

“How the Blockchain is Changing Money and Business”
by Don Tapscott

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and here some real examples of our assistance… for your necessities


Bitstone.Net now provides cutting-edge Hyperledger support and assistance to help your business take full advantage of the blockchain space. Hyperledger encourages efficiency by enabling the re-use of common building blocks and facilitating the rapid innovation of DLT components.

Open source blockchain

Launched in 2015 by the Linux Foundation, the Hyperledger project aims to support the collaborative development of blockchain-based distributed ledgers by providing a range of open source blockchains and related tools. This is fantastic news for those looking to launch tokens or programs using blockchain technology because it streamlines the development process by providing common resources for all to share. The Hyperledger project looks set to revolutionise the blockchain space and, as such, Bitstone.net are very excited to offer Hyperledger support and assistance to those in need of a push in the right direction. We truly believe the Hyperledger project has and will continue to change the blockchain space forever, and for the better.

Global business transactions

The Hyperledger project has helped improve the performance and reliability of blockchains and distributed ledgers so as to render them fit for supporting global business transactions.

Indeed, some of the biggest companies in the world have announced their respective involvement or participation in the Hyperledger project.

Some key players involved in the Hyperledger movement include Microsoft, IBM, and the UN, respectively, along with many more.
So, if you choose to utilise Hyperledger’s innovative tools and resources, you’ll be in good company!

Blockchain for the masses

Bitstone.Net fully supports the Linux Foundation’s mission to bring blockchain technology out of the shadows and into the mainstream.

We are pleased to be able to offer Hyperledger support and guidance to businesses that wish to make use of the fantastic open source resources on offer.

The project is exciting because it promises to encourage cross-industry collaboration by developing shared blockchains and distributed databases which is why Bitstone.Net is keen to spread the word.

Make no mistake, Hyperledger is the next big thing in blockchain!

Global Trade Solutions, Supply Chain Solution

The logistics of Trade Finance have always been a complex mix of third parties, regulators, transport and stores, supported by documentation, lots and lots of documentation. For hundreds of years the movement of goods from supplier to customer has been as difficult and long-winded as Marco Polo’s journeys along the Silk Route.
Now that we are in the 21st century, the old way of doing things is going to be disrupted all along the supply chain. Blockchain technology can be used to smooth out all the kinks in the process, via a combination of distributed ledgers and smart contracts.s.

Transparency and Trust

A distributed ledger, because it is available to view by all participants in the transaction, gives transparency as to where the goods are at every step along the way. Smart contracts are essentially business rules that will automatically set things in motion as soon as a certain condition, such as a date or a receipt of payment happens. This removes the need for human and manual intervention, doing work currently undertaken by roles such as customs officers and shipping clerks. Most of the roadblocks in the way of moving goods efficiently from one country to another are removed, because these obstacles have grown over the years because of a lack of trust. The receiver in the supply chain does not want to confirm delivery until the goods are received; the supplier likewise will not proceed until he is assured that payment has been made.
Surprisingly, when one considers how many checks and balances there are and how much documentation is generated at each step in the supply chain, fraud is a major problem in trade finance. This is where the use of blockchain helps eliminate fraud; it is immutable. Once a transaction has been verified and added to the blockchain, it cannot be changed. The high visibility also plays a part in removing fraud and tampering.

Keeping the Conscious Consumer Happy

Another benefit of the improved transparency, in this age of responsible consumerism, is that the end buyer can trace the origin of part or all of the product he is buying, ensuring that fair trade practices have been applied. It can also be used for validating carbon credits where applicable.

The Benefits of Blockchain in the Supply Chain

The overall effect of implementing blockchain even as a partial component of the supply chain is improved velocity. Lead time and lags waiting for documents to be signed and cargo to be inspected are shortened dramatically or removed altogether, removing waste from the process. This is vital, especially when perishable goods are being freighted. Obviously a faster, more automated process will be far cheaper too, so landed costs on imported goods will be reduced, encouraging more foreign trade. The lowered costs also remove barriers to entry for small and medium businesses to trade globally and grow their businesses.

Not a Perfect World Yet

The only constraint in adopting blockchain all along your supply chain is that it is early days yet, and it may not be possible to replace all the paperwork and bureaucracy immediately. Some ports and customs and excise will be more able to adapt than others, and some of the participating banks and clearing agents may not be able to automate letters of credit and bills of lading because they lack the infrastructure. However, this is a temporary situation, and the best advice is to implement blockchain for your supply chain as soon as possible and be ahead of the pack. Let us guide you on this new and exciting journey.

Blockchain for Enterprices

Seamless Enterprise Blockchain As A Service (BaaS)

Application Development
with a Platform Agnostic Approach

Enterprise Blockchain Consulting and Evaluation

Before you invest in blockchain technology, our team can help you determine the right enterprise blockchain strategy for your business. Bitstone.Net focuses on providing scalable and sector-specific blockchain applications that directly support our clients, working together to build better solutions from the ground up.


Industry-specific Application Creation

Our expertise is at your disposal as you develop blockchain applications to improve the efficiency in the way you do business. While blockchain can seem complex, we simplify the technology and clearly articulate how it can support your business.


Comprehensive Technical Ability

We help you determine the right enterprise blockchain solution for your company. Our team of experts specialize in Smart Business Contracts, Customer Loyalty & Rewards Systems, Blockchain Data Storage Solutions, Distributed Ledgers for Financial Transparency, and other focused applications.


Customized Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Our goal is to improve your business with blockchain applications specializing in finance, real estate, supply chain, and database management. We seamlessly integrate blockchain technology into your existing platforms without disrupting your existing operations. Benefits include reduced costs, improved efficiency and the elimination of systematic errors and fraud.


Developer Training

Talented and experienced blockchain developers are in very high demand but extremely short supply. Our team of experienced blockchain professionals will train your existing staff to develop a practical understanding of blockchain technology and its core function in your business.


Executive Training

Our blockchain experts also provide advanced level traning for employees eager to get past the blockchain’s steep learning curve. Our executive training covers enterprise blockchain, major and side chains and non-disruptive deployment techniques.


Smart contracts

A simple explanation of what we are talking about.

Fase 1

Fase 1

1) Option contract written in blockchain
2) The contract is part of the public network

Fase 2

Fase 2

3) The parties involved in the contract meet in an anonymous virtual room

Fase 3

Fase 3

4) The contract is executed by itself when the conditions are met.
5) The parties use the blockchain to keep the contracts under control.

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